New Glyph Style

A while back I formatted the dictionary with a simpler glyph style. I thought it would be helpful to use a very basic style for the dictionary. You saw it was very blocky.

I’m trading it in for a more stylized format. After all, there’s no sense in being boring.

The beautiful thing is, it’s now actually easier.

Here’s how it looks.

p145964798915114.jpg  p145960441496276.jpg  p145964802529682.jpg  p145964785182321.jpg

Guess what this says.



4 thoughts on “New Glyph Style

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      1. Perfect!!!

        Now for a little story…

        When I first decided to unveil the new glyph style I rushed to my dictionary and made up that sentence. I day later I re read and realized the glyph I thought was “take care of” was actually “take charge of”, which I thought due to the context was a little off. But I kept it. So yes. It could mean that.

        In fact I like it more. The word pwi could also mean to wrap or to cover. Which also I wouldn’t want done to Pop pop.

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