Buried Treasure

I found a cache of early Pseudoglyph treasures. Some things have changed a lot but are still beautiful. The meanings have changed or been lost but the work is still worth showing


Here is where they speak ‘Umu. I’ve not named anything and I’ve lost the original file. It’s now a relic of the past.


the planet

the map

Early Unsimplified Glyphs

Looking back it’s really amazing how things evolve. The current version looks boring by comparison.

the shift


pen syllabary

mo bhrón ar an nhfarraige

droppedImage_22     droppedImage_21     droppedImage_20     droppedImage_19     droppedImage_18     droppedImage_17     droppedImage_16     droppedImage_15     droppedImage_14     droppedImage_13     droppedImage_12     droppedImage_11     droppedImage_10     droppedImage_9     droppedImage_8     droppedImage_7     droppedImage_6     droppedImage_5     droppedImage_4     droppedImage_3     droppedImage_2     droppedImage_1     droppedImage


Pasted Graphic 15          pen morph one


basic prepositions

ž     č&c     s     h/r/l     v     m     dh     t&d     n
j     k&g     p/b     'a 'i 'ö 'u

mosquito storm

banana shorthand


Pasted Graphic 38

good morning short

under construction

the known planets

'umu đine
‘umu đine

a child fell in the street

Untitled Image 2

sa mu ra jö
sa mu ra jö

stone glyphs



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