Te Reo Māori Pseudoglyphs

I tried to use Pseudoglyphs to write Te Reo Māori and made it its own syllable set. That is why the consonant blocks don’t correspond with those used for Umu.

The result was good looking but I had to split some of the words up to avoid really long glyphs. Whanaungatanga became whanau-ngatanga. The suffix -tanga is a normalizer. Whanau is family. Nga signals plural, but it’s use in this word could be unrelated.  I tried to divide along morphemes so it kind of worked.

I didn’t pursue it much. But I found the graphic on an old hard drive and wanted to share it.


“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”

Ko te katoa o nga tangata i te whanaungatanga mai e watea ana i nga here katoa.


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