Zero Copula

In the basic Umu sentence, the subject comes after the predicate.

Tarzan, me. Jane, you.

The predicate is joined to the subject without overt making.

image image
kömu janö
kmu jan
big Jan
Jan is big

image image
tipi kimö
tipi kim

small Kim
Kim is small.

image image
‘ajö ‘ö’u
‘aj wu

horse 3
It is a horse.

image image
tözi ‘ö’u
si wu

woman 3
She is a woman.

image image
‘u’ö ‘ö’u
‘uw wu

young 3
He/she/it is young.

image image
minö ‘öti
min di

rich 2
You are rich.
You have.

image image image
miru ‘öme ‘ezu
mí ‘ezu

name GEN\1 ‘Ezu
My name is ‘Ezu

image image image
tipi jö’a ‘öme

small child GEN\1
My child is small.


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