Back to Basics

Say goodbye to verbal inflections and the predicative/non-predicative vowel shift. Here’s the new (old) game plan.

Vowel Shift & the Genitive

When unpacking the Umu vowel shift, the first use I thought of for it was to have it mark the genitive. I moved away from this because I thought it was too “boring”.

But now, rather than trying to build at outrageously crazy language that I can’t even follow, boring is looking more and more appealing.

So as pedestrian as it may be, this is the route I’m going. There’s plenty of room for craziness in finding other uses for the genitive case.

• I
• me
• we
• us

• river

• woman
• my
• our

• river’s

• woman’s

Comment Topic Refined

Umu topics can possess their comments. This concept will be refined. Hopefully afterwards not every word in the noun phrase will be in the genitive, as before, and I’ll iron out what to do with compounds.

Ergative & Absolutive Slots

Alignment has be on of those things I keep farting around with. I’ve come up with this little gem.

The absolutive argument will occupy the slot closest to the verb. The ergative argument holds a slot farther away from the verb. Both slots exist before and after the verb depending on the argument’s definite/indefinite status.


This gets us back to my original ideas on the subject but isn’t as hardcore as “all sole arguments must be patients”. Though working out the who’s transitive and who’s intransitive and valency operations is still to come.

And so we rewind. A bit of a recent trend I’d say.


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