Recently I announced that big sweeping changes had come to Umu. I moved away from an isolating structure, brought in inflections, changed alignments, totally rebooted the lexicon, and found a home for my vowel sift with a predicative, non-predicative do-jigger (which I still kind of like). There was only one problem…

I hated it!

So we’re going to re-reboot.

It’s clear to me, I’m simply not qualified enough to set out a linguistic roadmap and then try to follow it.

Rather, I think I’ll have better luck building the language as so inspired and then going back and try describing it afterwards.

I also realize I need to really sick to my guns. As said before, the language is basically an excuse for me to draw my little pictures. A side effect of this lunacy is that I’m totally noncommittal about it. I dare say I might have the most inconstant conlang on the Internets. This makes me sad.

So I’m starting again. Again.

First I’m going to really scrutinize my word building strategy and that means wordlists. My 400 base word schematic allows for a few promising starting points.

Jeffrey Henning’s Dublex project has exactly 400 root words which could work beautifully. (I wanted to link to but it looks like it’s totally disappeared. Please let me know if anyone has an active link.)

Also, Mandarin Chinese has almost exactly 1600 distinct syllables (another buzz number for Umu), which I’m thinking about maybe reverse engineering a vocab list from.

At any rate, thanks for your readership and for following me on this journey. Slowly I’ll regroup and hopefully give these funny squiggles an language worthy of their inscription.

Warm regards,



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