The Death of Name That Glyph

Dear Readers and Contributors,

A while back, I began the Name That Glyph project (NTG) in hopes of making Umu more logographic looking. Since its start, your responses have been creative, heartening and appreciated. But it’s round 9 of 40 and I’m throwing in the towel.

I like hearing everyone’s ideas and enjoy the interaction… but everything else about the project has lost its appeal. The thought of going through 1,600 glyphs, building the database, sorting duplicates, reworking old (and loved) vocabulary, and all that business fills me with dread.

Maybe more importantly, I really like the fact that Pseudoglyphs encodes sounds. Glyphs don’t have to look anything like what they represent because they represent sounds, not meanings. Any resemblances are no more than happy coincidences.

I think it’s also stalled my progress on developing Umu. I’ve been feeling obligated to keep NTG current before unknotting the numerous kinks and mysteries in the jumbled mess that is Umu. But because I’d lost passion for updating NTG, I ended up not updating anything.

My thanks and humility to everyone who had contributed. I hope you can understand my motives.

So let us say goodbye to UTG, in hopes of once again moving forward. Keep you eyes peeled for Umu’s continuing development.


Andrew Mendes


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