Taviduw | Articles

There is no definite or indefinite article in Umu. e.g.

a/the cat

a/the apple

a/the girl

a/the school

Instead, nouns that appear after the verb are interpreted as definite; nouns that appear before the verb are interpreted indefinite. e.g.


Wri ‘a’a.
sleep cat
the cat sleeps.

Wru he’u.
bark dog
the dog barks.

Pani ‘ara.
fall boy
the boy falls.

Nedun di.
laugh girl
the girl laughs.


Nöptju ‘uz.
apple rot
an apple rots.

Wjunedu ‘a’i.
school appear
a school appears (in the distance).

Ndiw ri.
girl sleep
a girl sleeps.

‘A’a  pani
cat fall
a cat falls.


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