Name That Glyph – Round Two

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the first round of the Name That Glyph project. Thirty out of fourty glyphs were assigned meanings.


I really appriciated the more abstract constructions, especilly the glyph wju to share (although who can say why). Glyphs that recieved multiple meaning will take on both! Although, a few were left out below… I made the decision after the graphic… sorry. For example, the glyphs will mean both to hug and target. In the end, I couldn’t choose (happily). So everyone wins.

Round One Results:


Round Two:

Below is the next family of glyphs that need meanings. I hope the submissions are equally creative and fun. Thanks again and keep ’em comin’!



2 thoughts on “Name That Glyph – Round Two

Add yours

  1. A1 flask
    E3 person/3rd person immediate
    D4 bell or bell flower
    I1 Meditate
    J1 Snail
    G4 to translate
    I3 Spirit/God
    D1 high/ superlative marker
    F2 to storm/to rain
    A4 claw
    G1 to labor

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