McGuffey Reader Three

The genitive comes by a shift in vowel harmony of the possessor. Like demonstratives, genitives follow the possessed. 


‘Ariw ma.
hat | 1
I have a hat.

Nabö ma.
doll | 1
I have a doll.

Vi nabő me.
see | doll GEN/1
See my doll!

Jap vi nam nap?
can see QP | doll
Can the doll see?

Jap vi nabő me ma
can see doll GEN/1 | 1
I can see my doll.

‘Ari nam nap?
hat QP doll
Has the doll a hat?

‘Ari nabö me.
xhat | doll GEN/1
My doll has a hat.

Nap wa ‘arin di
doll and hat | girl
The girl has a doll and a hat.


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