What’s That Glyph Look Like to You?

I recently posted about how imagination can assign ideographic correspondences to pseudoglyphs. I want to explore the possibility of building the ‘Umu lexicon this way. For this, I need your help.

How It Works

Each week, I’ll post a set of glyphs and ask you to give them meaning. What do they look like to you? It could be the first thing that pops into your mind, or formulated from a pattern you notice in the design.

The following week, I’ll post the new glyphs list and last week’s results: the glyph’s new meaning, a discirption (should you choose to include one) and what sound it makes. After all, pseudoglyphs are actually phonetic. By the end of the exercise, we’ll have heaps of glyphs that actually look like the words they represent.

I want all sorts of words: actions, things, adjectives, adverbs, aspect markers, tense markers, conjunctions, perpositions, the whole lot of them. I want each glyph to resprsent a single morpheme (or as much as possible).

Email your submissions or, even better, leave them as comments to the post using this format.

Looks like something joining two thing together.

I hope you will take part and enjoy. Comment as  often and on as many you want. Here’s this weeks set of glyphs.

Round One:



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